My artwork is based on the human figure and often exhibits elements of dark humor, symbolism, and the supernatural. My themes tend to be mainly about the fragility of our bodies and our superficially unquestionable reality.

Favoring a hands-on approach, I print my own black & white images in my home darkroom/studio. I embraced the 19th century wet-plate collodion process as my main medium of choice in 2013, primarily because I liked the aesthetics of the process which works well with my subject matter. I also enjoy the challenge of creating a tangible image on metal from start to finish using vintage cameras, lenses and raw chemicals I mix myself.

I live and work in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.  I’m a native of Sydney, Australia and developed a passion for painting and photography at a young age. I studied painting at an art school for two years in Greece, but am primarily a self-taught photographer (apart from a couple of workshops).  Please contact me directly with any questions or to purchase my work.

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Tintype of one of my cameras